Confessions of a Flexible Yogini

Confessions of a Flexible Yogini:


I came to yoga already able to do padmasana--in fact, I sat in lotus all the time, it is comfortable for me. The splits, you ask? Of course I can do the splits! I relished the moment the teacher hinted at Hanumanasana. Well that's all fine and good but as a practitioner, I soon (well, ok, it took a while) realized that THAT wasn't the point. Not at all. It doesn't matter if you can find your feet touching your head in Scorpion, or if you no longer need blocks to do Hanuman. 


I couldn't sit, not at all, not for ten minutes--rarely for ten breaths without shifting, mind wandering and removing myself from the sensations of stillness (in fairness, I wrote this as I was sitting in my morning mediation, and inspiration struck).

I didn't breathe! Oh yes, I could hold handstand, headstand, and Eka pada koundinyasana but I was also holding my breath! When a teacher would cue, "Remember your breath.", I'd giggle at the thought, and then realize that the cue was directed at me. 


Balance, well that's a funny concept! Physically finding balance in asana can be a lifelong struggle, but yoga has helped me find balance and moderation throughout my entire life. 

Being flexible never had to be a goal for me; honestly, it has only led me to places I wasn't ready to go. 


Yoga helps us find so much more than the splits--try not to get hung up on what your asana looks like, set aside the ego, and look for the moments of stillness, full breath, and balance. 


Namaste :)